Dr. Govinda Koirala
    The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them  -(Mark Twain)

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Dr. Govinda Koirala

Professor of Economics
School of Business
BEF Room 233
Fax: (740) 245-7123


Ph.D. (Economics), New York University
MA (Economics), Ohio University
MBA, University of Hawaii
M.Sc. (Statistics), Tribhuvan University

Teaching Interests:

General Economics
Quantitative Methods
Business forecasting
International Economics
Money & Banking
Financial Management


Class Notes : SPRING 2016


Publications/Seminar papers:


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नेपाल खोज्दैछु (Searching Nepal): Collection of Poems By Govinda Koirala

Nepal Khojdaichhu_Collection of Poems By G. Koirala  Nepal Khojdaichhu

Snow covered Mt. Everest

Snow covered  Rio Grande

  Bird's eye view of KATHMANDU (from top of Dharahara)

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